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Full Version: Mew File
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So I took the script I wrote over a year ago and decided to do a recording of it. Keep in mind that...

1. I wrote this file over a year ago.
2. I hate my own voice. I feel it's for good reason. Some people like it though, and I'm not sure why.
3. This is a raw, unedited recording of the script, so vocals might not be the best (if it sounds absolutely horrible, also refer to number 2)
4. I'm not a professional, certified hypnotist. I am a hypnosis enthusiast that has learned how to perform hypnosis through practice. While I plan on becoming certified to perform hypnosis or NLP in the near future, I have yet to attain such certification. It's never caused issues, but I can't claim it's 100% safe.

Anyways, if you're cool with all of that, here's a link to the file, have fun!
Mew Hypnosis File (mp3)
They won't let you download it