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Lucario File

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The file is raw, and the TF isn't too detailed, but it's all we got.


New AFA TF Remastered

Completely overhauled script, and even a different voice!


Mirror at Mega.nz


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Binaurals are two tones that are played in the left and right ears of headphones. The difference between the tones range anywhere from 3Hz to 40Hz (though in hypnosis and other relaxing methods you will only find 3-15hz differences)and cause certain things to happen after time. Studies have been done to show that certain binaural frequencies (iirc the best is 7hz which is to induce a meditative state) can cause relaxation, heightened suggestibility, and a bunch of other affects. Combined with hypnosis files, some users experience a better trances and it helps them to get into it more as it relaxes the brain.


With Binaural it is possible to evoke sleep in different stages as it is found your brain waves can match the binaural frequency. For example, listening to binaurals with a freq. of 5-12 Hz, can induce alpha brainwaves, as well as listening to a 3Hz binaural can induce Delta waves. Done properly, in theory, you can create a file that puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep longer by forcing your brain to match these waves.


The waves have been theorized to help with a slew of effects such as hypnosis, sleep, dreaming, lucid dreaming, alertness, and a bunch more.

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Ok. It was a pain in the ass to do based off my schedule and interruptions. I, however, finished the file. It has a 0.5khz binaural. I was requested to make it similar to the original AFA file by distorting the voice, but alas I had trouble and it was taking up time. Without any further delay, please download.




If OP could make a mirror and edit main post to link with remastered file that would be great. :v



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