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      I finally managed to go and upgrade the forums to IP.Boards! Note that there might be some glitches and kinks I need to work out with these forums.
      Let me know if you find any and I'll do my best to fix them! I'll also be doing some beautification among other things through the next few days. I hope to breathe some new life into these forums. I hope you all enjoy!   - MysteriousMew
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Zoroark Script

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Here is a Zoroark(Triggered) script I found, slightly NSFW (this can  be edited out/changed if people don't like it) but otherwise seems fairly good, if at least as a base. It's a Body script and doesn't include an induction. Originally by KansasMan, from this site!


Original Script:



Modified/Final Script (w/ Bubble Induction):





Thread with file

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