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Raichu Script

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So this is the script of the Raichu file already on here. However the quality of the original file is not very good, so it will probably need to be rerecorded.


Full Description:

This file is a guided imagery session meant to help you see yourself as a Raichu. Background noise was filtered by KitsuneKit, scripting and recording was done by Kerel. The voice quality is suboptimal, but that may just help in going into deeper trance. It's quite a long file (40-ish minutes) but it trains you to get certain visualisations down as a habit and the directions can be copied in meditation. Heavy emphasis is placed on different sensory inputs, and you may just blank out for a few parts of the recording, but that's normal.




Thread with File

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Finally managed to finish the script. Sorry for the long delay, quality was very bad at some points.

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