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Welcome to my journal! Here, I will post all of the progress that I can describe, because it may actually give people some tips, and maybe give myself some tips, and/or motivation to keep going.

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I listened to the binaural file for a bit today. Everything I've felt in the past feels like it's been Wind Waker-ized; simpler, but a hell of a lot more vivid. I can only feel three toes on my feet, I can feel fur, and I can feel my tail a lot more than before. Not only that, but I even feel a muzzle now, over my nose, protruding about 3-4 inches from my face. Finally, my head feels weighed down by the 'dreadlocks' that a Lucario has. Not enough to be uncomfortable, but just enough to be noticeable. I tried to do some open-eye visualization during the trance, but to no avail. This is a lot of new stuff happening!

'Changelog' maybe I couldn't put all of them into the entry


--Three toes on my feet

--Legs feel sort of weird at a point above the knees, maybe that's just where the 'shorts' end

--Vivid tail

--Spikes at the middle of my hands that I didn't feel as vividly before


--Dreadlock weight

--Ears are more vivid


--Everything feels a lot more like it's cel-shaded about this new body

--I feel a lot more curious than I was before. What is this???

--Open-eye visualization is shit, I really want to know how Uni does it!

Thanks for reading

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