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Just an Illusion...or is it?

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Hello everyone! With the Zoroark file being finished soon, I thought I'd start a journal to document my progress for me and others. As the file is not yet done, all effects are (for now) only derived from the UltraHypnosis file found here: http://pokehypno.club/thread-3.html


Changes Achieved:


-Numbness of fingers, sticking the middle three into a big claw of sorts (For three claws in total), feels more comfortable than having them spread out.

-Numbness of toes.

-Attempting to walk digitigrade.

-Bit of fur felt on chest.

-Sometimes feeling ears being higher up and farther back then normal.


-Repeated saying of "Zoroark" (Though this is only due to the effects of the UltraHypnosis file).

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Hello all. As you can see, a few months have passed since I started this journal, with no update. This is because in the time that the Zoroark file was created (And more) I've been dabbling with some other scripts/files/self-hypnosis. Perhaps the most effective one was the Blaziken script (Which is not here due to its...content, let's say). And...some other things happened, as well.


However, now that the Zoroark file is done (Thanks KansasMan!), I've decided to start using it more often. Today an interesting thing happened: I could feel a slight weight on the back of my head, like it was being pulled down a bit. I think it's probably the hair, heh. Somehow, it was a bit easier to impose the hair as well. It also seems a bit easier and more natural to use Zoroark's stance instead of my own. Not much else happened though, and since I've stopped using the general file most of those effects have faded away as well. But I believe that any progress is good progress I say, so I hope it continues.

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