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I found a hypnosis file online that is a story based hypnosis. Kind of like a mind trip, instead of lasting effects. I've listened to the file and think it is safe. It just seems generally relaxing. It's basically a guided dream you could call it. I honestly like his voice. I don't see anything wrong with the file initially, though some others could listen analytically to see.


It seems that the file is meant to bring back a Mew whenever you want to. You can do anything with mew and talk to him and such.

(Does this induce a tulpa? Who knows. Depends on what you let it do I suppose.) It promotes talking to a "guardian" pokemon or anything you want really. It also seems that it is suggested the door is two way, which allows you to visit the "guardian pokemon" and the door can also open "into your subconscious" allowing the pokemon to talk to you as well. It seems up to interpretation whether or not the pokemon can freely open the door itself or not. However, if you didn't want the door open, I'm sure you could just... shut the door. It's that simple.I don't see anything wrong with it compared to other files out there. It leaves a way for the pokemon to come to you instead of you to it, but that's about it. If you don't want it, shut the door.


-There is one verbal trigger used in the file to return to a deeper trance again, said near the beginning of the file, which if isolated could be a good general induction script that could be followed for the files on here, giving a good deepening trigger.


-There is one visual image trigger used in the file to deepen imagery that is only used in the file. It is meant to make the effects stronger when you see the image in your mind.


-The door itself is a trigger, when open, will allow the "guardian" to talk "directly to you, feeling their body, knowing their personality, and hearing their voice...whenever the door is open."








Induction: with trigger for going deeper quickly next time.


Body: You come upon a door. You look through a peephole to see a realm beyond the door. You pull back and an emblem appears on the door. (Image trigger) eventually you come into Mew's realm and meet mew. Suggestions are given that you can do anything with Mew. Talk about certain subjects. Do anything really. Then it pushes you out the door, shuts it, and reinforces the door ideal.


Deduction: Wakes you back up.

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Isn't this still technically a pokemon file though?

Moved this to pokemon hypnosis files


Haha, thanks I guess?

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